Custom HealthLandscape Tools

HealthLandscape's customizable tools allow you to configure a web-based application to meet the needs of your organization. This approach lets you mix and match HealthLandscape tools to deliver the data, the reports, and the interactivity you need.


Community AHEAD Data Portal Screenshot

Hamilton County Ohio, Community AHEAD

Hamilton County Public Health designed the Community AHEAD (Access to Hamilton County Epidemiology & Assessment Data) data portal to share public health data with its community. The portal helps users understand trends associated with disease and injury in various Hamilton County, Ohio, communities. Visit the Hamilton County Community AHEAD portal.

Your Health Matters Screenshot

Your Health Matters

The Health Collaborative created Your Health Matters, an interactive tool designed to help improve healthcare in the Greater Cincinnati region. The tool includes a mapping application that helps users find patient-centered medical homes. Visit the Your Health Matters portal.

Health Referral Regions Screenshot

Primary Care Physicians and Health Referral Regions

What is the relationship between family physicians to population and specialist to population and variation in Medicare spending? The Robert Graham center in Washington DC has used this HealthLandscape tool to effectively communicate the national variation in Medicare expendituers and family physicians. Visit the HRR Mapper.

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