HealthLandscape Support

Because we care . . .

For basic questions about using HealthLandscape, please use the contact us form and a team member will respond to your inquiry. If your project needs require you to speak directly to a member of the HealthLandscape team, we provide three levels of support:

  1. Telephone Hotline Support. Call 800-274-2237 (ext 2615) to talk with a specialist about your mapping needs and questions.
  3. Data Mining Support. HealthLandscape includes a broad library of pre-existing data useful for creation of standalone maps or map layers to be combined with user uploaded data. Contact Service & Support at 513.458.6623 to discuss your need for data and explore potential sources of data available for your investigation.
  5. Professional Services Support. HealthLandscape technical specialists are available to consult with users on a project basis. Contact HealthLandscape at 513.458.6722 to review your need for mapping services and discuss an approach that provides mapping solutions, data sources, and content creation service specific to your problem or need. A proposal summarizing an approach, deliverables, time and cost will be submitted for each client application/need discussed. HealthLandscape will proceed with the proposed effort following approval by the client. No charges will be incurred by the client for the proposal creation process unless approved in advance.
  7. Subscription Options. The data contained in the HealthLandscape mapping application is made available to the public at no cost under the sponsorship of the American Academy of Family Physicians. In addition to the extensive data library housed in Community Healthview, users can also upload limited amounts of personal data. Please contact us if your data upload needs exceed the limitations of the free user accounts.
Contact us for more information on our Custom Application Development

Contact us for more information on our Subscription Options