AAFP Chapter Resources

HealthLandscape has been working with AAFP Chapters across the country to help them tell their stories and articulate their needs through data analysis and visualization. Projects range from local area maps highlighting the lack of access to primary care to full online mapping applications showing the distribution of Patient-Centered Medical Homes. We can help you:

  •       > Visualize your local health care workforce, including Family Physicians and other types of care providers
  •       > Research how social circumstances affect health and access to health care in your state
  •       > Identify CME topics relevant to your constituents and the population they serve
  •       > Locate and retrive data from our extensive data library
  •       > Inventory, document, and understand the data that your chapter produces
  •       > Analyze and interpret data for internal projects and grant proposals

Top Ten Tools for Chapters

Health Landscape has created a tools list to help chapters better understand and use available resources. The tools range from very broad data-centered tools like Community HealthView and the Population Health Mapper, to tools that are more targeted and focused on one specific area such as the PCMH Mapper and ACO Explorer.

The list can be viewed at www.healthlandscape.org/chapterresources/Chapter_Resources_20190426.pdf

HealthLandscape Webinar Series

Our HealthLandscape webinar schedule has been updated for the spring and summer seasons. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about HealthLandscape, its available functions and data, and potential uses. Scheduled topics include the Population Health Mapper, the ACO Quality Explorer, the Medicare Data Portal, the World Health Mapper, and other general visualization tools. Please visit www.healthlandscape.org/webinar-training.cfm to register

Maternal Health

State-level maps illustrate issues of access to care and relevant social determinants of health, including population, poverty, and insurance status. Click here to download maps for your state.

Health Care Workforce and Scope of Work

HealthLandscape maps can boost your advocacy efforts for scope of practice. Click here to visit our resources for Workforce mapping and Scope of Work issues.

About HealthLandscape

HealthLandscape is an interactive web-based mapping tool that allows health professionals, policy makers, academic researchers, and planners to combine, analyze and display information in ways that promote better understanding of health and the forces that affect it. The tool brings together various sources of health, socio-economic and environmental information in a convenient, central location to help answer questions about and improve health and healthcare. HealthLandscape can be used to create maps from publicly available data sets including regional criminal justice, education, healthcare, and demographic data, allowing users to discover community characteristics and share information with health professionals, policy makers, and legislators.

For more information about how HealthLandscape can help your chapter, please contact JenÉ Grandmont.